About the brand

Eggie is your curated lifestyle space.

Eggie is inspired by that instant magical moment–that click–when we come across someone who is confident in their eclectic style. With ever-evolving taste, Eggie rebels against labeling our look with one style.

Rather than chasing trends, Eggie connects all of these instant moments into not just a product, but a lifestyle our friends and families can experience through our clothing.



Bringing confidence to all our Eggies providing well-designed pieces with comfort is a key factor that determines everything we do.

“Be whoever you want to be!”

Notes from Jenn Im

Every collection reflects my own personal wardrobe and is designed for today’s customer who loves to reinvent their look and doesn’t want to be labeled or boxed into one style. My goal for Eggie is to push the boundaries of fashion and include a selection of gender fluid pieces that are inclusive for all. People can express themselves through Eggie, and experiment with styles that effortlessly transform themselves from polished to punk.